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Our Assocıatıon and Actıvıtıes

The Global Development Association is a non-governmental organization that carries out activities to promote social welfare by providing a competitive environment. Our first principle is to explore ways of development. The second is that this is done for equal and humane purposes. The last one is to establish a global system in the country and in the world. Our main activity is to provide equal education, research and personal development opportunities for all people of all ages.



We support our local activities with international activities at European level. Firstly, we believe that a focus on teacher/staff competences is important for improving learners’ achievement. By a new framework of teacher/staff competences referring to the new approaches, a new development plan can be planned, then we bring standards in teaching at our organizations. Secondly, the most important step to take is to create a mindfulness or a flexible mindset among participants. Thirdly, the participants have a clear vision related to which competences are needed in practice. […]



Our association organizes various courses within the scope of ERASMUS+. You can follow this section and our blog pages for the training content, date, location and time of our courses.

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