Ocak 21, 2019


The Global Development Association is a non-governmental organization that carries out activities to promote social welfare by providing a competitive environment. Our first principle is to explore ways of development. The second is that this is done for equal and humane purposes. The last one is to establish a global system in the country and in the world.

The main objective of Global Development Association is to support our country and all other countries, helping all individuals and organisations to learn scientific developments and to utilise them in their creative activities for progress.

  • to inform the public of the latest innovations in national and international level
  • to promote the information sharing
  • to conduct individual activities suitable for different age groups and social groups (kids, youth, +50, women, disabled, vulnerables, etc.)
  • to provide individuals opportunities to improve their skills and experiences for better employment
  • to carry out mutual studies within the scope of institutional activities
  • to follow theglobal development prioritiesand to identify the activity fields considering the national developmentpriorities
  • to organise training activities like courses, seminars, conferences and workshops
  • to disseminate the activities and to valorise them
  • to participate in international projects