Ocak 21, 2019

Course-ICT tools to Teach and Learn

ICT tools to Teach and Learn

ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course

Aim of the Course

This course is designed to inspire teachers to find new ways of engaging, motivating and teaching students. To achieve this aim, the teachers should keep pace with the evolutionary educational processes in order to use effective methodologies and tools.

Course Outline

1. ICT tools in education: (free tools like Prezi and web design tools)

2. Classroom infrastructure

3. Web applications: Quick web design, publishing

4. Methodologies to apply in the classroom

5. Produce multimedia pedagogical objects

6. ICT in curriculum

During the Course

Participants will

  • learn by doing and by working in groups
  • have information about the popular ICT tools used in classroom
  • learn newest skills and competences the student need
  • learn the methods to incorporate into the lesson plans and the strategies to use them effectively

After the Course

Participants will

  • learn how to integrate ICT in lessons and daily practice
  • learn how to enable new didactic methodologies, different activities, more effective learning paths and a student centred learning environment
  • foster motivation, creativity, collaborative learning, autonomy, communication skills and team work
  • encompass ICT skills but rather a full understanding and complete mastery of ICTs as pedagogical tools
  • not only have the opportunity to capture, copy and disseminate elements of good ICT practice but also will have more comprehensive account of their development.

Out of Class Activity

  • Guided city tours (learning the city visited and taking photos for use of own web design)

Course Content and Programme

  • will be agreed according to the needs and requests of the participants.

Target Audience

  • Teachers (primary, middle, secondary and high schools, vocational, adult, special needs)
  • Teacher trainers
  • All searching for professional development

Course Details

Place: Ankara, Turkey