Ocak 21, 2019

Course-Learning by Street Photography

Learning by Street Photography

ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course

Aim of the Course

This course is designed to teach how to convey an idea with a single image with large amounts of data quickly by providing the method of street photography and how to promote positive learning experiences for students when used in consistent ways with the cognitive theory of visual learning.

Course Outline

1. Street Photography Composition: Building the composition toolbox, developing a deeper understanding of colour, composition and light

2. Assignment: Learning how to spot a photo opportunity in an every day street scene

3. Confidence: Building confidence when shooting strangers on the street

4. Essential field techniques: Discovering the techniques to become an effective street photographer, understanding some of the key legal and ethical aspects of photographing in public places.

5. Observation Skills: Developing skills of observation and learn the art of story telling through pictures, learning how to react positively if people are questioning, challenging or offended

6. Edit Images

7. Process of Selecting Best Images

8. Preparing Teacher Resource: Lesson plans, object information sheet, photograph information sheet

During the Course

Participants will

  • learn by doing and by working in groups
  • learn compositional, technical side of photography
  • learn how to materialize the thoughts of students in the form of pictures
  • learn how to identify strong compositions while you’re shooting on the streets
  • discover the hidden Ankara

After the Course

Participants will

  • add a new dimension to the curriculum
  • have the opportunity to take their teaching to a next level by using the fundamentals of composition in street photography
  • use photographs for explaining complex phenomena as a teaching aid.

Out of Class Activity

  • Guided city tours (learning the city visited and taking photos for use of own web design)

Course Content and Programme

  • will be agreed according to the needs and requests of the participants.

Target Audience

  • Teachers (primary, middle, secondary and high schools, vocational, adult, special needs)
  • Teacher trainers
  • All searching for professional development

Course Details

Place: Ankara, Turkey