Ocak 21, 2019

Course-Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy and Activities

ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course

Course Description

This course is designed to explore world’s present needs and future energy demands, to provide information about energy systems and energy resources, and to teach how to motivate students on renewable energy content by developing activities.


To provide information about energy and forms of energy

To gain understanding of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources

To provide advantages and disadvantages of energy sources (economical, environmental, social)

To explain concepts of sustainable energy systems

To provide energy data sources to compare countries

To develop applications to raise students’ awareness

Course Outline

1. What is energy, how energy is converted (summary)

2. World energy needs and sustainability

3. Classification of energy sources

4. Renewable energy sources: solar, wind, water/ocean, geothermal, biomass

5. World leader countries according to installed power production and consumption

6. Activity development for students’ motivation

During the Course

Participants will

  • learn common properties and changes in matter and energy
  • learn that energy appears in different forms
  • learn about future trends in sustainable energy sources
  • compare countries according to their exploitation of renewable energy sources
  • explore how to incorporate a perspective in curriculum

After the Course

Participants will

  • gain experience and fundamental knowledge of renewable energy practices and policies
  • assess sustainability of energy systems by integrating environmental, economic and social aspects
  • add new dimension to curriculum
  • expand awareness of global renewable energy sector

Out of Class Activity

  • Guided city tours (learning the city visited and taking photos for use of own web design)