Ocak 21, 2019

Course-Teaching with Objects and Photographs

Teaching with Objects and Photographs

ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course

Aim of the Course

This course is designed for the teachers who would like to support and enhance the curriculum by using the objects from culture and time period or others and the historic, modern, commercial, personal photographs in their teaching.

These materials can

  • engage students who don’t always respond to written materials
  • be used to reinforce material covered in other media.
  • connect students with their own environment and culture, as well as with other cultures.

Teaching with objects and photographs creates

  • a direct, sensory connection between learners and their subjects that results in new levels of interest and attention.
  • students with higher levels of visual literacy.

The range of subject areas for which these techniques can be used include

  • the studies in history, community, culture, art, language, math and science.
Course Outline
A.Teaching with Objects
1. Standards: Visual literacy and the common core standards, visual literacy and culture
2. Approaches: One type of object, a material, a functional class, design motifs, the material culture of an area

3. Steps: Description (what is the object), classification (how does this object relate to others), interpretation (what stories does this object tell)

4. Finding Stuff: Borrowing objects, purchasing objects

B. Teaching with Photographs

5. History of Photography

6. Approaches: Time, place, subject, photographer, purpose, technology

7. Steps: Description (material, subject, age, place of origin), classification, interpretation (why this photo was taken, what the photographer meant to convey, what we can learn from the subject of this photo)

8. Finding Photos
9. Archaeological and Cultural Context
10. Preparing Teacher Resource: Lesson plans, object information sheet, photograph information sheet

During the Course

Participants will

  • learn by doing and by working in groups
  • learn how to incorporate these tools into existing units and lesson plans

After the Course

Participants will

  • add a new dimension to the curriculum
  • provide a more focused environment of the classroom for the students to explore these materials in rigorous ways.

Out of Class Activity

  • Guided city tours (learning the city visited and taking photos for use of own web design)

Course Content and Programme

  • will be agreed according to the needs and requests of the participants.

Target Audience

  • Teachers (kindergarten, primary, middle, secondary and high schools, vocational, adult, special needs)
  • Teacher trainers
  • All searching for professional development

Course Details

Place: Ankara, Turkey