Ocak 21, 2019

Course-Use of Web Design for Courses

Use of Web Design for Courses

ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Course

Aim of the Course

This course is designed for the teachers who would like to improve their knowledge on the use of web design in class and to teach a web design tool to the interested students as optional subject at formal schools or the interested people willing to learn for their professional development at nonformal schools.

Course Outline
1. Web File Management: Files and folders, downloading web pages
2. HTML: Tags, templates, formatting content, character entities, images (acquiring, editing), graphics file formats, links, embedding media
3. Codes: Editting, validating
4. CSS: Basics, colors, styles, sheets, formatting, page layout
5. Navigation Bars: Adding, customizing
6. Publishing Website: FTP, web servers
7. Design: Section, background, adding navigation bar
8. Javascript
9. Front End Frameworks: Bootstrap, example code, replacing page content, customizing the design
10. Content Management Systems: Setting up WordPress, creating posts and pages, working with media, themes and widgets

During the Course

Participants will

  • learn by doing and by working in groups
  • have the opportunity to test different tools (Adobe) directly and to share examples about how to use them in class
  • acquire the techniques to make their lessons more more effective.

After the Course

Participants will

  • learn how to exploit the tools in the classroom in a useful way
  • will be aware of the way to enhance their student engagement and to improve communication within the classroom.

Out of Class Activity

  • Guided city tours (learning the city visited and taking photos for use of own web design)

Course Content and Programme

  • will be agreed according to the needs and requests of the participants.

Target Audience

  • Teachers (primary, middle, secondary and high schools, vocational, adult, special needs)
  • Teacher trainers
  • All searching for professional development

Course Details

Place: Ankara, Turkey