Our New Project: “Knowledge is the Chance of Acceptance” (KCA)


Coordinator: Poland

Participants: Turkey & Italy

We intend to create an educational project on the topic related to refugees, which is a large
modern problem in the European Union. The first working name of this project is
“Knowledge is the Chance of Acceptance” (KCA) and the leading thought is “If You know,
You don’t afraid”.
At international educational meetings, we intend to provide knowledge on this subject,
teaching both students and educators about the difficult problems associated with the
admission of refugees in these countries and the methods used in partner countries to address
these problems. This project, among others, will help project participants, understand the causes of the emergence of a wave of refugees in Europe.
However, thanks to this project, we also want to develop methods of integration with
refugees, using as a tool (information carrier) mutual learning about the cultural heritage of
the country of origin of the refugees and the country of their host. This will help local
communities better understand their mentality and thus their spiritual needs and we hope that
these peoples will cease to fear them and treat them as a threat.